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Libraries Around the World

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Rooms of requirement ripe and laden with rich possibility, libraries have enamoured humanity for millennia, their shelves bursting under the weight of imagination, stories and thought. Quiet but powerful symposiums of knowledge, libraries represent a safe refuge for many to this day - welcoming havens for those seeking kindness and warmth.

A dream for bibliophiles, this volume is an ode to these treasures, with humanity’s collective knowledge tucked away in their many shelves. Take a journey through stone-cut shelves of cathedral libraries, light-filled halls and floor-to-ceiling colosseums crisscrossed with shifting ladders. Bright, airy atriums abound in Helsinki’s Oodi and Alexandria’s Bibliotheca Alexandria, the latter seeking to capture the original wonder of the Great Library of Alexandria, lost to the world over 1,600 years ago. Handsome reading rooms crafted from dark oak and leather evoke a romantic sense nostalgia for a bygone era in Oxford University’s Bodleian Library and Chennai’s Connemara Public Library. A ‘forest of books’ is captured in Tokyo’s Musashino Art University Museum and Library and the wonderful image of ‘books in a forest’ is perfectly encapsulated by Taipei’s Beitou Branch of its Public Library. 

A delight for the eyes, Libraries Around the World is the ultimate homage to these temples of learning.


Hardcover, 278 pages