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Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475-1564) needs no introduction; a beloved Florentine sculptor, painter, architect and poet, his body of work has come to influence, shape and define Western art as we know it. Famed in his life amongst his contemporaries for his terribilità, a divine ability to inspire a sense of awe or terror in his creations, and revered in his death as a true maestro, Michaelangelo can count among his achievements David, Pietà, Moses, The Last Judgement and the crowning, breathtaking glory of the mural across the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling.

Rich full-bleed reproductions of his famed work fill the pages of this volume, tracing his career through his masterpieces. Inclusive of his sculptures, paintings, frescos and his magnum opus of the Sistine Chapel, Michaelangelo is a comprehensive compendium, capturing something of the wonder of this artist’s genius within its pages.  Savor moments of peaceful tranquillity interspersed between the restless hum of city scenes in this rich volume dedicated to the quotidian in Japan, exploring scenes from daily life where the orderly and the frenzied co-exist in a beautiful juxtaposition. Wander into the hustle and bustle of a train station in Tokyo, revel in the zen gardens of Kyoto and delight in the sublime, ethereal world of a natural
onsen bath, exposed under a canopy of trees. Escape to the land of the rising sun with this enchanting glimpse of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Hardcover, 276 pages